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What is the Youth Job Leap Incentive Project?
It is a project to hire young people with employment difficulties as regular workers at companies subject to priority support for more than five people and to provide up to 12 million won for up to two years if they maintain employment for more than six months.
* Prospective growth industries, promising companies in the future, and companies located in employment crisis areas can also be companies with less than 5 employees
Supported by
Separation classification Contents of th/
Company Companies eligible for priority support with an average of five or more insured employees for the previous year from the month immediately before applying for participation in the project
Youth Young people aged 15 to 34 who have been unemployed for more than six months as of the date of employment
Support Contents and Support Limits
Contents of support for Requirements for supporting 지원/ Limit of support for
Up to 600,000 won per month per newly hired young person for one year.
Temporary payment of 4.8 million won for two years of service after initial employment (maximum of 12 million won for two years)
Maintain employment for more than 6 months after hiring a full-time employee.
Work more than 30 hours a week and pay more than the minimum wage, Employment insurance subscription
50% of the average number of employment insurance insured for the previous year from the end of the month immediately prior to the application for participation in the project Support up to 100% in non-metropolitan areas (only up to 30 people)
How to participate
Participate in the youth job creation support project by designating an operating institution (Maximus) in charge of the corporate location on the website (www.work.go.kr/youthjob
Application Procedures
Application for Participation -> Recruitment -> Application for Incentive (Operating Agency - Application for Incentive to Maximus after 6 months) -> Payment of Support
* For more information, please refer to the Youth Job Leap Incentive Project page of the Ministry of Employment and Labor
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