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  • Career Support Program for Youth Soldiers


Young soldiers (soldiers scheduled to be discharged on March 31, 2024)


1 day (3H) course

/ Designated training center and consultation location for the unit

(Proceeded by a designated counselor for each unit)

Contents of Service Description

first round of consultation·Checking prior tasks
·Goal search/setting
a second round of consultation·In-depth consultation on goal setting
· assign tasks that meet the goals and perform tasks
a third round of consultation·Goal promotion progress consultation
·Provide and match employment information and employment information
employment/terminationAchievement of goals such as employment, start-up, admission to employment education, etc

※ Provide the latest information through monthly special lectures on employment and start-ups at the Gangwon-do Province Job Support Center (Chuncheon, Inje, Gangneung) of the National Defense Transfer Education Center

How to apply

National Defense Training Institute website https://www.moti.or.kr

※ How to apply for the program: After signing up as a member on the website of the Defense Transfer Education Center (www.moti.or.kr ), click on the sub-menu of the top menu [Business Participation] “Apply for 1:1 counseling for the 2023 Career Help Program.”


031-760-9353 in charge of career help in the job support department of the National Defense Agency

<Source: National Defense Training Institute>

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