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Life Planning Program

In today’s world, as people are living longer, workers always need to consider the next chapter of their lives after retirement. In line with this, Life Planning programs are increasingly being provided to incumbent employees, as opposed from the past where they were usually for (potential) retirees. Also, these programs are provided in a customized way to better tailor to individual life career cycles and characteristics.

Preparing for life after retirement not only requires assessment and planning in terms of one’s career, but also in other various areas of life. The Life Planning Program helps individuals explore various career goals and life options as well as plan thoroughly for their future in the six major areas of life (work, finance, leisure, health, relationships, and housing).

Career goals after retirement can come in various forms — re-employment, leveraging on experience, or taking on a new challenge such as starting a business or pursuing a completely different career. New career goals can be important in securing a family’s financial security and in realizing personal life values and sense of self. Taking all of this into consideration, the Life Planning Program provides tailored support to help individuals design their future by thoroughly exploring various career goals going beyond re-employment or entrepreneurship.

What we do

Maximus provides tailored programs designed to complement the client’s existing corporate training programs and employees’ needs.

Life Planning Programs will be suggested for incumbent employees after a comprehensive assessment of an employee’s needs. We provide additional one-on-one consulting that contributes to in-depth assessment and clear planning taking into account various factors such as age, roles, experience, and so on.

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