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  • Employment support for industrial workers
What is the employment support service for industrial workers?
It is a variety of job support services provided to all industrial workers who wish to find a job after an industrial accident to return to work.
Service Target
All industrial workers who find work after being approved as an industrial accident are eligible.
Maximus provides counseling and job placement services only to industrial workers who wish to be re-employed at the end of the nursing period after registering for industrial accidents in the Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service.
the cost of service
The Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service supports the employment service expenses, and there is no cost paid by industrial workers.
Service progress procedures
Contents of Service Description
1. Worknet (employment safety information network) job search service linkage
Worknet job registration supports job placement and is provided to all industrial accident workers.

2. Recommendation of the 'Successful Employment Package for the Disabled' (Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled) It is a job support service that provides job counseling to registered disabled between the ages of 18 and 69 from job counseling to mediation.

3. Recommendation of the National Employment Support System (Employment Center) It is a service that provides step-by-step employment support and employment activity costs to industrial workers recommended by the Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service.

4. Employment Support for Industrial Accident Workers Consignment Project
We provide employment support services to industrial accident workers wishing to get a job.

5. Support for employment linkage in public and private institutions We provide job information and job support services in connection with free employment agencies in the region that fit the job type, age, and customer characteristics.
* Construction Workers' Credit Union Employment Support Center, Labor Development Foundation Middle-Aged Job Hope Center, Korea Senior Human Resources Development Institute, Women's Human Resources Development Center, etc

6. Job fair This service provides employment technology improvement education and job information for industrial accident workers wishing to get a job.

7. Vocational training support We support training expenses and training allowances for industrial accident workers to return to other jobs
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