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  • What is a corporate tour experience?
What is a corporate tour experience?
It is a program that supports young people's career setting by providing them with various job world experiences and job search opportunities.
It provides opportunities for young people to visit the company in person to explore their future careers and explore their jobs through job exploration, mentoring current employees, and conversations with CEO/Human Resources.
Participation target
Unemployed young people aged 15 to 32 years old
Organize custom programs for each participant
Participation in participation Goals for /th
  • Getting a job quickly
Special Lecture on Corporate Mentors - Corporate Tours - Mock Interviews - Youth Employment Policy Guide
a current student (University, high school)
  • Understanding the desired job
  • Strengthening employment capabilities
(high school) Corporate Understanding Quiz Competition - Career Special Lecture - Career Design - Capacity Exploration/Strengthening - Youth Employment Policy Guide
(university) Understanding of companies - Understanding of recruitment - Job analysis - Competency search - Strengthening job competition (interview/ resume) - Guide to youth employment policy
Military look
  • Recent employment trends
  • Understanding the Enterprise
Recent Job Trends - Career Design - Finding Strength Competencies - Career Special Lecture - Corporate Special Lecture / Exploration - Youth Employment Policy Guide
Looking for a job young man
  • Work motivation
  • Inspiring will
Healthy Self-Management Method - Job Motivation - Youth Employment Policy Guide - Corporate Understanding - Special Lecture on Corporate Mentors - Interpersonal Relationship Formation
North Korean defector youth
  • Understanding Employment and Business
Self-understanding - Employment understanding - Special lectures on employment career - Corporate exploration - Speech and image making - Youth employment policy guide
Participants / Participating Companies Benefits
구분Separation classification Participants in Participants Companies participating in Participating companies
Different industrial fields and
through job experience and exploration
Improve understanding of work
Raising awareness of its own companies and hiring job-appropriate people
Hiring young talent through increased opportunities
1. Opportunities to explore and experience companies
2. Provide interview consulting for the relevant company
3. Youth Employment system linkage
4. Issuance of a certificate from the Ministry of Employment and Labor
5. Souvenir gift
1. Payment of corporate support costs (30,000 won per participant)
2. Opportunity to promote job openings
3. Recommendation of corporate match-type talent
4. Opportunities to participate in various fairs are provided
How to participate
See Work Experience Home Page https://www.work.go.kr/experi/index.do
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