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  • Employee Stress Free Program

Employee Stress Free Program

Maximus scientifically analyzes the stress of executives and employees, finds potential stress factors during work life, and derives a plan to solve them.

The details

Conducting an examination using a stress questionnaire and an examination device

– Stress tests for employees

– 2 counsellors, 1 week in residence

–Limited by up to 5 counselors per day and up to 50 counselors per week

– Multi-dimensional inspection using both test questionnaire and stress tester

–Draw current stress index

1:1 face-to-face consultation with stress specialists

–30 minutes of consultation

– explore the stress factors at this point in time

– Derive measures to reduce future stress

a consultation report

–Individual: Stress Index Measurement Results + Personal Stress Consultation Report

–Company: Comprehensive report on employee stress tests

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