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What is a senior internship?
It is a project to promote senior employment through up to 5.8 million won in subsidies.
It is a program that strengthens the vocational ability of the elderly, promotes reemployment opportunities, and spreads positive perceptions of the elderly by providing opportunities to work for those aged 60 or older.
Supported companies
All companies such as large companies, public enterprises, mid-sized small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives, etc. can participate
Companies that want to hire job seekers aged 60 or older (*4 major insurance subscription businesses)
Support content
KRW 2.4 million (maximum of KRW 5.2 million)
International support fund Up to 400,000 won per month x 3 months Up to KRW 1.2 million
Recruitment Support Fund Up to 400,000 won per month x 3 months Up to KRW 1.2 million
*Long-term employment
Maintenance support fund
General and generational integration participants
When maintaining employment for more than a certain period of time
*800,000 won for 18,24 months, *600,000 won each for 30, 36 months
Up to 2.8 million won
In companies employing young people under the age of 34
Related job or "job-related certificate holder" with more than 10 years of experience."
In the case of hiring as a new or commissioned position
※ If the cumulative salary payment is more than 3 million won, a lump sum salary of 3 million won will be provided
※ Additional support when maintaining employment for more than a certain period
Participant Restrictions
  • Those who are participating in financial support job projects
  • Four major insurance subscribers to other businesses (double subscription)
  • Those who are employed by participating companies within 90 days (excluding the integrated generation type)
  • Excluding occupations) Security guards, nursing care workers and caregivers, street cleaners, housekeepers, and others are required.
Inquiries for participation
Contact for inquiries: 055-713-8219 (extension number 2)
Address      : 94,709 Yongji-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do (Jungang-dong, New Olympia Shopping Center) [regional/regional application is possible]
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