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Performance Improvement Program

Our Performance Improvement Program (PIP) is a customized program provided to individuals who need focused support to perform better, or who have to develop specific skills due to a change in roles and responsibilities.

Our Performance Improvement Program provides employees with the opportunity to view their current work challenges from a more objective perspective, and at the same time, an opportunity to engage in Life Planning.

Our Performance Improvement Program helps participants take initiative in devising a well-thought-out plan for their development by conducting an objective assessment of themselves and their role within the organization/business.

We help participants develop their career with practical training. We also work closely with them through one-on-one consulting so that they can be more proactive in initiating change. This also includes counseling to provide emotional support throughout the entire change process so that the participant can better understand and embrace changes and feel psychologically secure and motivated.

Maximus facilitates the Performance Improvement Program with a training-oriented approach, as opposed to an attrition-oriented approach. The purpose of our program is to help employees improve their competency and skills, whilst keeping employers informed around progress of individuals and the program.

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