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  • Customized support program for the legislated re-employment support service

Customized support program for the legislated re-employment support service

In accordance with the ‘Act on Prohibition of Age Discrimination in Employment and Elderly Employment Promotion, Act no. 17326’ which went into effect in May 2020, companies with 1,000 or more employees (prescribed by Presidential Decree) are mandated to provide outplacement support services. The number of companies subject to this legislation is anticipated to grow.

Our customized programs are tailored to the individual needs of corporate clients and their employees, in line with the requirements of the legislated re-employment support service. We ensure an optimized operations process by providing comprehensive support that covers planning, development, and operations of the program. In particular, our programs are designed in a way that consider specific factors such as the number of potential participants, age, retirement, and so on. This allows our corporate clients to operate the program efficiently and successfully and also helps participants make the most out of the training.

Program participants benefit from reduced stress and anxiety which can often accompany planning for their post-retirement life. Through training on various topics, for example “return to farm and rural (farming and agriculture),” entrepreneurship, or re-employment, a sense of direction can be set for the individual.

Our programs reflect the most recent changes in the operational guidelines and minimum requirements of the legislated re-employment support service, which is subject to change in sync with the government’s policy changes and operations. Our programs can be customized, ranging from the most basic package reflecting the minimum requirements to an extended package that considers participants’ individual needs and boosts outcome.

Maximus was selected by the Ministry of Employment and Labor as a provider for the company consulting program that supports companies in introducing the legislated re-employment support service.

We provide customized services starting with systematic planning of operations that reflects each company client’s needs and requests. At the same time, our customized services pay close attention to individual participants’ needs and characteristics including work experience, career, age, retirement, etc.

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