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Founded in 1975, Maximus is a global company that has entered nine countries around the world, including the United States and Korea, employing 40,000 employees. As the first bridgehead in East Asia, we are introducing advanced services directly to Korea.

Business Area Introduction


Providing comprehensive support, such as psychological stability, strong goal setting, and reemployment, to young people and employees preparing for employment a service program


Job competency, employment skills, preparation for the second act of life, etc With a sense of security and vision in life to help you concentrate Training and Consulting Programs

The national employment system

Job-seeking benefits are paid to vulnerable job seekers and provide employment support services Ministry of Employment and Labor Entrustment Project (24 branches )

Youth Employment Support

Small and medium-sized enterprises with youth tomorrow filling deduction Job experience, youth job leap project, Youth Digital Job (Intern/Work Experience) Project Many, including the national employment support system Entrusted operation of youth employment support projects

EAP psychological support

To provide well-being and happiness Psychological support services, stress management Psychological Examination, Corona Blue Education Program

Foreign awards and news

고용노동부 장관상 수상

‘국민취업지원제도 우수사례 콘퍼런스’에서 취업취약 계층 대상 취업 성공사례 인정받아

고용노동부 장관 표장장 수상​

청년 일자리 창출 지원 및 공정채용 확산에 기여하며 정부지원사업에 참여하는 기회 제공

글로벌 업체 최초 EAP 서비스 시작

근로자들을 위한 정신건강과 생애설계 전문 컨설팅 제공하며 직장 근로자들의 정신건강을 돌봐줘

산업체 맞춤형 인력양성 업무협약

일자리 정책 공유 등 3자 상호 협력 체계를 구축하고 취·창업 지원 서비스 제공
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