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  • Korea Sports Council Career Support Service

Maximus, a recognized partner company of government agencies, is working with the Korea Sports Council Career Support Center

It provides various career support services such as mentoring, career competency education, and internships for the future of athletes.

My future is starting a new career support program for athletes at the Korea Sports Council Career Support Center!

Service Target

a professional athlete

(Including targets related to career support of athletes, such as leaders and parents)

Service Description

Career support services (consultation, mentoring, career competency education, internship), Career education for youth athletes, career support center operation, etc
SortationDetailed Service Description
Support for career change
Operation of career counseling services and career support centers in local areas
Career competency education
A survey of athletes' careers
Improve career awareness
Career education for youth athletes
Self Olympics
mental and career coaching
Player and Parent Career Academy

Service Direction

Development of pre-career competencies to compensate for the limitations of job application after the end of the athlete’s activities

Support system

Establishment of a support system through efficient role allocation in connection with related agencies


Establish an online and offline platform for dynamic participation and two-way communication


Support from awareness improvement to practical experience by linking sports association competencies and resources

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