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  • About Maximus
Make it easier for citizens to understand, engage with and access services
Administer programs effectively, efficiently, and accurately for Governments
Achieve the outcomes that policy makers establish in laws and regulations.

Every country and every contract is different.

While on the surface the services may look similar, the actual scope of work within each contract and the policies put in place by a country’s Government will vary significantly. 

At Maximus, we combine global expertise and local knowledge to help government serve the people and lead them to success. In 2020, Maximus acquired IndexRoot Korea, an outplacement-specialized company, and is currently operating 27 branches in Korea. 

We were selected as one of the excellent Small to Medium sized Enterprises by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for 3 consecutive years since 2017 and recognized for our outstanding performance for supporting reemployment projects in regional communities. 

With our experience, knowledge and capabilities in innovative business management technology, Maximus will continue its utmost efforts to help more people lead a successful next chapter of their lives.

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