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What is Youth Tomorrow Filling Deduction?
The Youth Tomorrow Fill Deduction is a system in which young people newly employed in the labor market form an early career in small and medium-sized companies and companies jointly accumulate young people to support their long-term service.
Supported by
Separation classification Contents of th/
Company Small and medium-sized construction and manufacturing companies that employ an average of 5 to less than 50 employees in the previous three months based on the full-time employment date of young people eligible for deduction
Youth Newly employed young people / After graduating from the final school, employment insurance subscription history is less than 12 months / Monthly wage of less than KRW 3 million / More than 30 hours of working hours per week
Support Contents and Support Limits
If 4 million won (160,000 won for 20 months and 200,000 won for 4 months) is set aside for two years, companies (4 million won) and the government (4 million won) will jointly set aside and provide 12 million won + α in maturity deductions after two years
How to participate
Youth tomorrow fill deduction website (www.work.go.kr/youngtomorrow)
※ Companies apply and young people apply
* For more information, please refer to the Ministry of Employment and Labor's Youth Filling Deduction System page
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